Friday, December 5, 2008

An addition to the line-up

Sticking strictly to the well defined program of my attention deficits, I am going to steal time from god-knows-where to start up blogging on my neglected project to add the environment and the infrastructure to a more or less standard inputs/outputs model of at least a local economy. The blog for that has been on the table of contents blog roll all along but I didn't [I DON'T] have time to pursue it.

Since when has that ever stopped me?

I would like to make some original contribution to optimizing how we live on this planet. The tools exist for modeling and optimizing but they have mostly been used by governments and corporations who have not treated the environment as part of the equation. I hope I can remedy that.

Meanwhile, all the other infrequent posts to all the other blogs will continue to show up here as headlines to provide you a one page destination for tracking whatever I do manage to blog.