Monday, May 12, 2008

I'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in?

Like life itself, this is an unplanned experiment.

Greensmile's schizophrenia has finally gotten the upper hand. This post is just some of the housekeeping tips for the mad house he is keeping.

On the sidebar, find RSS links intended to route you to your preference among the various voices he has been hearing. They do not add up to a choir, far from it. Some navel gazing, some enraged progressive, some bombastic green, some amateur appreciation of the march of science. Multiple persona disorder is bad enough but when the gaggle of them forget protocol and tramp through consciousness simultaneously it is so hard to sort his self out. Some of these voices are embarrassing to the others. The menu, as it were, for this buffet of his blogs is not stable. You may skip the extra click-and-wait of this nutty nexus by book marking the particular blog you like. If that goes away, you might come back through here to see what happened.

You will tire of a goofy progression of blog titles for what if he added "Cougar" to all his blog titles and then removed it a year later? Or gave a new blog title with each new post? He despised the traffic ET was giveth and google taketh awry. Blogger is so abusable. He plans to change the name to match the URL as the last. A hosted library metaphor in which to wrap his sundry bloggy droppings had been considered but this costs less. Some of the impetus for this is that he doubts the average reader comes seeking the average post but rather book marks a blog because it has made some kind of brand recognition around a subject area of interest to the reader. The whimsical category list in ET had burgeoned to useless length and randomness.

Students of avian anatomy and those with some Latin will will make sense of the title.